Make a Difference...


Partner with Voice of Hope to change
lives one child at a time!

Generous partners like you have made it possible for Voice of Hope to be an agent of change in West Dallas for 35 years! YOU can make it possible for us to, not only continue this vital service, but to grow and impact even more lives for Jesus Christ.

Here are the 4 ways YOU can impact change:

1) Join our Circle of Champions

Celebrate 35years with us by joining our Circle of Champions! Our goal is to raise a total of $35,000 through our Circle of Champions. A small monthly contribution can make a large impact. By committing to donate just $35 per month you join our Circle of Champions.

With the support of 85 Champions we will reach our goal of $35,000 and that will provide 14 children with one year of after school care! Join our Circle of Champions today and make it possible for 14 children to become stronger in character, better readers, and grow closer to Christ.

I want to join Circle of Champions and help children break the poverty cycle and become Christian leaders!
To join, click Donate Now.


Make a one-time donation....

$2,400 Sponsors a child in ASPIRE After-School Program for an entire year.
$1,200 Sponsors a child for one semester.
$1,400 Sponsors a child for an entire 8-week Summer Day Camp.
$700 Sponsors a child for one month of camp.
$175 Sponsors a child for one week of camp.

To make a one-time donation click HERE.

2) Be an Ambassador of Hope

Commit to raise awareness about Voice of Hope! Introduce Voice of Hope to people in your community, schools, churches, etc. by inviting Voice of Hope to share its mission, programs, and future vision with your group.

3) Connect as a Volunteer

Volunteers are the backbone of our Ministry. Without our dedicated volunteers, we would be unable to serve our students in the meaningful capacity that we do. Volunteer opportunities are available in our after-school program as tutors, assistants to help students with homework, or as reading partners in our Reading Comprehension program. Our Summer Day Camp offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities as well. Volunteers are an important and integral part of our ministry, and we rely on them to work side by side with our staff to ensure that the children are progressing in their spiritual and academic lives.

4) Commit to praying for our ministry

Pray regularly for our children, families, staff and Voice of Hope.