Family & Community Services

With 30.9% of familes in West Dallas living at or below the poverty line, we are aware of the inevitable stressors that impact families as a result of low socioeconomic status: limted access to healthcare, food and housing insecurities, a combined %15 dropout rate for African-American and LatinX Youth, the 1.3x chance of having developmental delays of learning disabilities, and more. 

Therefore we, at Voice of Hope, proudly prioritize and value our Family and Community Engagement Ministry program to meet these needs that so greatly affect our scholars and the community. 

To achieve our mission of creating Productive Christian Citizens– we must not only meet scholarly needs but actively fighting to change the narrative for our families in West Dallas. Knowing the impact that success and growth of the whole family can have on just one child has led us to develop and flourish the following programs:

  • Emergency Food Pantry to meet nutritional needs, combat food insecurity, and give families a sense of peace and consistency in knowing where their next meal is coming from
  • Adult Bible studies (in both English and Spanish) to provide a community outlet for families to gather, worship, and further the Kingdom
  • Community Crime Watch to ensure residents feel safe and are given equitable access to ensuring their community is accounted for
  • Home visits to help families lacking transportation or who are in need in their homes
  • Community based events (like town halls or celebrations) to provide a functional, sustainable, engaging place for families to gather, learn, and grow
For more information about this and other Community and Family Services contact 

Debbie Solis at (214) 631-702 ext.181