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Be a summer camp ’23 sponsor. You can help provide field trips, educational activities, fun games, t shirts and more. Summer Camp is expensive and we need your help to keep the price of camp to a minimum and within reach for families. 

By donating you can help enrich a child’s life, help them continue and maintain the learning they achieved over the school year, grow in their faith & possibly give them the gift of a summer they will never forget.

Plus, match your donation dollar for dollar up to a total of $50,000

Summer Soar Begins June 5th!

Summer Camp Sponsorship Opportunities

Field Trip Sponsors

$600 can send 120 kids to the Aquatics Center.
“One area of concern that persists is water safety for minority kids, who are less likely to have strong swimming skills and face an increased risk of drowning.” USA Swimming  
$200 sends 120 kids to the Perot Museum 

Data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth and the National Household Education Survey (Bradley et al. 2001a, Corwyn & Bradley 2000) indicate that children from poor families have less access to a wide variety of different recreational and learning materials from infancy through adolescence. They are less likely to go on trips, visit a library or museum, attend a theatrical performance, or be given lessons directed at enhancing their skills. Access to such material and cultural resources mediates the relation between SES (or family income) and children’s intellectual and academic achievement from infancy through adolescence (Bradley1994,Bradley&Corwyn 2001)

T-Shirt Sponsor

$2,000 provides students and staff with summer camp shirts.

For more sponsor opportunities contact us at 214.631.7027 ext 120




This Year's Camp is
The Summer of Adventure
You can make it possible for a child to have a meaningful and educationally enriching summer!

Give the gift of Summer!

SOAR SUMMER DAY CAMP is our state-licensed summer program that scholars attend Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Scholars engage in the following:

– field trips
– games with peers
– opportunities to expand STEM and reading skills
– team projects in the community (example: tending to the on-site garden)
– taking on challenges and activities with peers to build leadership and collaborative skills
– working with volunteers who provide “mini camps” related to their fields (example: sport camps such as fishing, baseball, basketball, and more! Including music, art, and dance!)
– continuing to broaden exposure to various hobbies + jobs + curricula
– & more

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Summer Camp has never been so important Because of COVID, students have lost 3.2 months of learning time. With Summer, students will lose an additional 2.5 months That is a total of 5.7 month loss Students will lose 62% of their learning time out of the 8-9 month school year!

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Voice of Hope does not receive any federal or state funding. We are able to operate due to generous contributions from churches, organizations, grants, and individuals like you!
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Every hour served with Voice of Hope is a life changed and we depend on volunteers to help us achieve our mission. There are countless ways to get involved, click below to learn more!