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Program Overview

Voice of Hope has identified a great need within Dallas ISD and other state ISDs besides – the need for High Impact Tutoring (HIT) programs. HIT programs are a special kind of high intensity and individualized tutoring, with small class ratio (not more than 1 educator to 3 students) and a defined curriculum. Voice of Hope has long provided in-person tutoring in our programs, and during COVID we developed an online tutoring platform as well (now called Tutor Plus). We are looking into how we can use the platforms we have built to develop a HIT program at our Campuses.

With our invaluable partnership with SMU Mustangs for Hope and the SMU Engaged Learning Program, we have been able to develop individualise  academic assistance for our students on a daily basis. Students received one-on-one tutoring during our afterschool program and children at home took advantage of free weekly virtual sessions.

We’re excited to expand this program with more partnerships like HPEZ Prep tutors from Highland Park High School.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, in person or virtual, visit our volunteer page.

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Voice of Hope does not receive any federal or state funding. We are able to operate due to generous contributions from churches, organizations, grants, and individuals like you!
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Every hour served with Voice of Hope is a life changed and we depend on volunteers to help us achieve our mission. There are countless ways to get involved, click below to learn more!