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Keidi is quiet and reserved, she did not want to be the employee spotlight or photographed. But today is her birthday and we want to celebrate her and all she does. Keidi is a member of the Support Services staff and has been part of the Voice of hope family for about 5 years.

Keidi grew up in Arroyo Seco Quintero Mexico and moved to Texas when she was sixteen. She has been married to her husband Jesus Ortiz for 21 years and has one daughter, Karolin”, aged seventeen.

Keidi enjoying time with the STEM class
Keidi enjoying time with the STEM class

Keidi mentions that her reticence comes from growing up in a quiet house where she was taught to keep her emotions inside and never complain. Asking for help or reaching out for assistance is just not the way she was raised. So, when she found herself in 2017 in need of work to help pay for her husband’s medical expenses, she was not sure where to turn.

A friend mentioned hearing that Voice of Hope was hiring. She remembers meeting Brenda Shelton on her first day and immediately feeling blessed by her presence.

God has a way of working things out.

She said she remembers bringing back her application and handing it to Mr. Franklin whom at the time she did not realize was the CEO and President of the company. He smiled at her and handed the application to Ms. Brenda Shelton.

The rest is history.

Voice of Hope is best known for our Faith-based Out of School Time programs, but people get so much more than that here; community events, health clinics, food and rental assistance, parenting workshops, sports camps; are just a few.

Keidi describes her Voice of Hope experience

 I consider myself incredibly lucky for all the companionship that I feel here, it really does seem like the people that come to Voice of Hope, staff and community members included, have a way of coming together just at the right time.


God has always come through for me. My husband is still going through dialysis and that is hard on him. He has always been a good provider and is an amazing father to our daughter. Jesus and Karolin are joined at the hip! It is a great Father- daughter relationship!

Sometimes I am afraid that something will happen to him he is such a good man, but everyone here prays for him. “Life is hard enough to do on your own Voice of Hope is a family of coworkers that understand that family comes first. I certainly feel blessed to be here.

VOH feels the same way about Keidi. She loves to clean. She keeps the place looking beautiful, no small task with two commercial buildings and thousands of square feet where children play every day. Her demeanor is gentle and quiet, she is a humble soul. Her quiet but steadfast work style is impressive and dependable.

Thank you, Keidi for all you do for us you are a VOICE OF HOPE and Happy Birthday!

Applications now being accepted

Office Manager

This candidate is responsible for maintaining office services by organizing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requisitions, and assigning and monitoring clerical functions.

For more info:

Program Associate/Front Desk & Program Associate (ASPIRE After-School Program)

Positions available at all 3 sites, West Dallas, Grand Prairie, and DeSoto. The job of the Program Associate is to work with individuals and small groups of K – 12th grade students under the supervision of the Program Manager. The Program Associate will provide supervision and instruction to students that will create a positive and fun learning environment and allow for students’ personal, social, and academic development. The candidate will also be responsible for conducting Bible study with program participants. Looking for creative, enthusiastic team players with strong communication skills. Must have on year experience working with youth in a group setting and bilingual highly desired. High school diploma or GED required.

Hours: ASPIRE After-School: Sept. – May; Mon. – Fri.; 2:00-6:30pm (hourly position)

​Support Services Associate

This candidate is responsible for supporting the needs of the staff in every department. From the ‘beautification’ of our facilities to transporting children and serving meals, this associate is a team player that supports the day-to-day activities of the ministry. Conducts regularly scheduled maintenance and minor repairs on all mechanical systems and vehicles. Sets up and tears down for ministry activities and events. Maintains cleanliness of all facilities. Sets up food for programs, and serves food to students. Properly discards food following food service handling requirements. Performs heavy physical labor; lifts and carries moderately heavy loads. Maintains simple records. Understands and carries out oral and written directions. Commercial driver’s license with Passenger Endorsement required. Bilingual highly desired. High school diploma or GED required.
Hours: ASPIRE After-School: Sept. – May ; Mon. – Fri.; 2:00-7:30pm (hourly position).


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