Parent Payment

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 If you need assistance making a payment please contact us at or call 214.631.7027. 

Voice of Hope

Admissions Process​

These steps apply to all campuses, Main Campus and Uplift Grand in Grand Prairie and to all programs. Please follow these steps to successfully enroll your scholar to Voice of Hope Programs:

Step 1


Complete the programs application online at where you can submit the application on the website. Download and print the application and then submit it by fax to 214.631.7877 attention to Rachelle Hast Or download, complete on your computer and then attach and email to

Completing the application is not a guarantee of a spot in the After-School program.

Step 2

Enrollment Form

Once your application is completed, you will receive a follow up email from Rachelle Hast or Trula Jones (please allow 48-72 hrs.) with the enrollment form for you to complete.

Step 3


After both the enrollment form and application have been submitted, your monthly payment is due (This payment is what reserves your scholars spot in the after-school program.) Payment can be made online at the main campus with debit/credit card, money order or check.

Step 4


You will receive an email or call with confirmation and start date for your scholar to the appropriate program.

Dallas County Child Care Assistance (CCA) Program

Voice of Hope strongly encourages all applicants to also apply for the Dallas County Child Care Assistance (CCA) program. If you qualify and are selected for the program, you may have the opportunity to lower your monthly out-of-pocket payment.
​To determine your eligibility and to apply for the program, click the links below.